When I went to see George 


    A week ago, a distressing e-mail about George's medical issues got read about the same time that I learned some things I thought had to be given attention at the courthouse had gone away.  That's the short explanation of how I happened to enjoy a visit with George last week.

    I rolled up shortly after Deanne had gotten home from her first day back at work.  As usual, no one had done any of her work while she was gone, so it had been a full day.

    George is in the midst of radiation and chemotherapy.  But without the e-mail, I would never have known.  But, for the weakening effects from a seizure type episode in August, same old George.  Chipper and upbeat. Deanne bragged on how little he seems to be affected by the treatments. George had a ready explanation: "I'm tough."

    We had a delightful visit. Tough though he may be, George's appetite is depressed.  So I got a huge portion of homemade peach cobbler ala mode and he got a modest portion.  The cobbler was worth the trip.  I predict a quick return of George's appetite soon after the completion of the therapy.

    As I was preparing to hit the road home, it came to me why I had experienced such a strong desire to visit George: frustration.  And I told him so.  It is so damned frustrating to want to be of some help to a friend and not have any idea of what to do.  I told him I thought I was probably speaking for his many friends from our Liberty roots.  He understands. Looking back on our parting conversation, George was trying to comfort me. He walked me out to the car.  I had to drive down the block and turn around to get back to the highway.  As I drove back by, George was still out in the drive, and he gave me a thumbs up with that big George Thomas smile that needs no further description.

    So, here's what I learned from my visit.  If I'm down, and need some support and comforting, George is there for me.

                              Mike Maloney

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