Class of '56

2019 Reunion



While we expected numbers to be down, they were much greater than expected.  We’re starting with a reduced base, six of those present in 2016 are no longer with us and there were more family event conflicts than in the past.  I guess this should be expected with June being the time for graduations and weddings. 

Friday set-down dinner numbers were down from 28 to 18, and the Saturday event from 37 to 17. 

Going forward I think for the most part we should piggy-back with the Old School Reunions, as we did in 2017, i.e., have our set-down dinner on Friday and Saturday visit among ourselves and with members of other classes. 

The proposed schedule would be, Friday/Saturday, 18/19 September 2020, September 2023, September 2026 – which will be our 70th, skip 2029 and optimistically have a 75th in 2031.

Our 2019 reunion is just around the corner. A brief re-cap of planned activities.

Friday (6/07) – 5:30 PM - Luigi’s
8 East Franklin Street

We have a private room and will order off their menu. They have a nice selection of beer and wine. Two years ago prior to the Old School Reunion we ate there, and no complaints were heard. The following have indicated they planned to be there.  Howard/Barbara, Jim. Ruth, Allis, Frankie, Don/Bev, Wayne, Mike/Bobbie, Carolyn, and Thom/Barb.

Saturday (6/08) – 2:00 PM – Howard’s Condo Meeting Room
1201 NW Tullison Road (Specific driving directions will be provided in next e-mail)

We have the room from 2:00 until whenever. There will be beverages and light snacks available. We’re planning to have the traditional BBQ with all trimmings around 4:30. Following the meal a group picture will be taken

Sunday (8:00 - 8:30 AM) – Breakfast/Coffee at a local Liberty Restaurant.

For planning purposes we need to know the number that will be at Luigi’s and Howard’s. To be on the safe side, would appreciate it if you would get back to me indicating the event/events you and a guest your planning to attend.