1938 - 1987

JoAnn Mace



Student Council 53,54; Guidance Office 55,56;

 Pep Club 54,55,56; Baccalaureate 55.


JoAnn Mace 

(Remembered by her sister Dorrie Wells of Kankakee, IL) 

JoAnn’s family remember her as “Jody,” who married Harold Albert from North Kansas City after she left high school. They lived in Missouri for about eight to ten years, then moved to Fresno, California. They had three daughters: Diana, Billie and Sandy. After her divorce, Jody opened Jody’s Ranch House, which she owned and operated for twenty five years.   

Jody passed away quite suddenly on August 26, 1987, at the age of 49. Her sister has been unable to locate any photographs but writes, “She was so young when she passed that she really had not changed that much.” 

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