Milton Moyer    





Last update 1996


My family is located in Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin, mostly.  We enjoy frequent  "get togethers" for various functions.   


I enlisted in the United States Navy shortly after graduation.  Got to see the world as I spent 15 of my 22 years on "sea duty".  Cities where I resided include San Diego, Honolulu, Waukegan, Boston, Charleston SC, Norfolk, San Francisco, Yokosuka, and Yorktown VA.

I retired from the U.S. Navy and moved to Iowa.  I attended Iowa State University and earned a BS in Industrial Technology in 1985 and an MS in Vocational Technical Education in 1989.  I began working full time as an Electronic Technician at Iowa State University in 1985 and continue in that position where I care for 120 personal computers and help people with their computers and Local Area Networks. 


I enjoy gardening, bicycling, running, camping, fishing and helping others.

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