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Mr. Raymond Brock



Planning and running one of the largest businesses in Liberty is Mr. Brock's job. In all his suggestions to the Board of Education as superintendent, Mr. Brock's first thoughts are of the students. His first allegiance is to them. To serve them he seeks to provide the best teachers possible, good classroom facilities, adequate transportation and the many other things that make up a good school system.

Although his job keeps him busy, Mr. Brock always finds time to smile and speak to the students. His congenial personality makes him an asset to our school.

For these reasons we wish to thank him for his many years of constant service.




The Principal of any high school is a man of many duties. Mr. Paluska, L.H.S.'s Principal is no exception. He is not only a Principal, but a teacher, counselor, and director as well. 

To fill a position as a school Administrator, it is necessary to be a versatile person. Here too, Mr. Paluska meets the requirements. He has many varied interests and abilities, and because of these the school benefits. 

So thanks to Mr. Paluska, for a job well done.



Mr. James Paluska




Dean Balsover



Mary Ann Chrane

Home Economics


Kenneth Cokely

Basketball Coach

Physical Education

Lillian Denny



Jean Eighiner

Physical Education


Robert Hailey

Football & Track Coach

Physical Education

Hester Henderson



Roy Hill

Vocational Agriculture


William Holt



Neoma Johnson

Geography & History


Wayne Kinman

Industrial Arts


Irene LaFrenz



Clinton Maness

Instrumental Music


Kenneth Moore



Ruth Moore

Guidance & Occupations

Personal Problems

Christine Pugh

Secretary to Principal


Margaret Rust

Vocal Music


Keith Shrout

Social Science


Charlene Welch




Myra Williams





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