Donald (Don) W. Bishop was born Nov 20, 1936 in Iron Mountain, Michigan, son of Lawrence and Esther Bishop to a family of 3 brothers, Bob, Doug, Roger and 2 sisters, Ruby Richards and Marlene Miller. In 1952 Don moved to Liberty, Mo where he met his best friend, Bob Blackburn at school. In Don's senior year he was voted "most talkative". He married his high school sweetheart, Donna Corum, on Dec. 29th, 1956at St. James Catholic Church. they had 4 children, Debbie L, Daphne J. Michie, Donald W. Jr. and Daniel Allen, who passed away on June 5, 1969. His grandchildren, whom he loved dearly, Daniel R. and Elizabeth M Michie.

Don served a short time in the Air Force Reserves, left there for St. Johns Seminary, then on to sales. He was such a dynamic salesman, first in shoe sales in KC, Mo, then promoted and transferred to manager of Berlin's Store in Rockford, Il. Don was so compassionate of people. In one case, a customer came into his store with mismatched feet. Don would mix match shoes to give to him so his pair would fit each foot properly. He would send the mismatched pair he didn't sell back to the manufacturer as irregular.

Liberty, Mo called them back home where Don started selling compact vacuums as a door-to-door salesman. He was a real actor and showman! He would get so excited that he would wring his hands together and stand on his toes. He loved having fun with the customers. don was approached by another company to sell movie cameras, again, door-to-door. He did so well, he started his own company... Universal Movies, Inc., Then his own finance company, Universal Acceptance. When the movie cameras started to change, he started up Royal American Chinchillas where he sold homeowners/ranchers the chinchillas to raise and breed for sales. He would produce them to make fur jackets and coats. His wife, Donna would even help design them.

Don was a member of Lake Quivera Country Club. Several days of the week would find Don there, playing a round of golf with his buddies, Dave Ghilino, Earl O'Conner and Ed Herzmark. The four of them would laugh and drink, play cards and tell stories for hours. One time the boys got to drinking and laughing so hard they drove their golf cart right into the lake!

Years later, Don moved his family to Hilton Head Island, SC to enjoy more golf, the Atlantic ocean and the beach. He even volunteered at the Heritage Golf tournament and would travel whenever he could. Eventually, Don retired to Cape Coral, Fl where he continued to play golf with his buddies, Kenny, Hubert, Charlie and his own brother, Roger. He remained friends with Bob Blackburn his entire life. They were so close and enjoyed each other so much, some people would have mistaken them for a couple. The antics and adventures these two got into are too many to name.

Don loved to play golf, sing and dance. It wasn't unusual to see him sing and dance, even by himself. His favorite singer was Frank Sinatra, who he was thrilled to see in person. Don even sounded like Frank. He was very proud that he had a "Hole-in-One" as his golfing legacy. He was loved and cherished by all that knew him. Don had relationships most people dreamed of. He told his children to "build a memory every day". He certainly did just that.

The end of Don's life was hard. He had complete heart block in 2005. In 2007 he defeated bladder cancer. Cancer struck Don again in 2009, this time in the throat. Lung cancer followed in 2011. Esophageal cancer hit in 2013. He fought each battle heroically.

October 26, 2016, Don Bishop left this world to join his loving God, our Father. He is greeted there by his parents, Lawrence and Esther Bishop, his brothers, Robert and Douglas and his son, Daniel Bishop. He leaves behind his wife of nearly 60 years, Donna, his daughters, Debbie and Daphne, his son, Donnie and his grandchildren, Daniel and Elizabeth Michie, his brother, Roger and two sisters, Ruby and Marlene. There will be a mass in his honor at St. Andrews Catholic Church in Cape Coral, Fl.  on Saturday December 3rd at 4PM..