Mark Sonnenberg

LHS '58



Sadly we have learned that Mark died yesterday morning  (7/23/07) at 7:05 a.m. at the Serenity House in Santa Barbara, CA. He went peacefully and family and friends were by his side. Mark had prepared for his death in a very spiritual way and his wonderful attitude brought him peace. 

The family plans to have a Celebration of Life for Mark in two weeks on the beach as Mark loved the beach.  No other services are planned.



Mark is in hospice now and his attitude is good.  He is  accepting of his condition and gets strength from his strong faith.  His mood is serene and quite spiritual.  He appreciates all the cards, calls and prayers, and loves hearing from his Liberty friends.  It means a great deal to him as he commented again, "his years at Liberty were the best years of his life." 

Mark's new address:

Serenity House

900 Calle de Los Amigos #1014

Santa Barbara, CA 93105


Phone: 805-569-2880 (ask for Mark)  Mark will tell you if it isn't a good time for him to talk.  He does sound weak but he wants his friends to continue calling.



5/2/07   We have just learned about Mark. He is at home dealing with cancer and would love to hear from any LHS classmates. He has often said that his years at LHS were the best of his life. Mark does not have email. He is taking calls and has an answering machine. Give him time to answer before leaving a message.