George Thomas 

George Thomas
17 Saratoga Road
Hutchinson, Kansas 67501

A Visit with George!


The Memorial Service for George is Saturday November 9th 10AM

                        Elliott Mortuary

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November 6, 2002

With sadness we announce that George passed away today at 4:00 PM at his home. Arrangements will be announced as soon as they are available.


October 20th
Visited with George today and his message to all is "I'm still kicking and I am doing the prescribed chemo.  I am maintaining a good attitude."  I encourage you all to continue your prayer support.  He does appreciate it.  Keep sending those cards.  Write personal notes of encouragement.  All of this kind of support has a very positive impact.   



September 30, 2002

I had a great conversation with George on Friday.  He has maintained his improved mobility.  Even driving his mower.  Having the tests I referred to in the last update and when they are completed and evaluated he will know if they are making progress.  He said his attitude is good.  He has a good appetite.  He always references how much he appreciates the cards.  Keep sending them!  He really feels the support.



September 18, 2002
I had a great conversation with George Sunday evening.  I could tell by the way he answered the phone that he was doing better.  He has regained some of the mobility of the left side.  He has control over bending his knee.  "I can walk!"  His appetite has improved.  Has started to gain some weight.  Spirits up and attributes the lift to the visit from Mike.  He said "It must be those prayers, don't stop".  He said all the treatment modalities are having some positive affects.  He was to have a dose of chemo on Monday, MRI next week and follow up visit with doctor for results when they are available.
He always expresses his appreciation for the cards.  I would encourage sending cards and notes.   When we send emails we need to avoid things that use a lot of memory.  It bogs down his computer system.  I had tried to send him a picture and he could not open it.  Personal messages are fine.



September 1, 2000
After my follow-up examination at the Mayo Clinic on August 7, the plan for Phase II was to have initial reports and supportive CT Scans delivered to St. Francis Health Center in Topeka for further review.  Upon receipt of those documents, it was decided that because of the distance required to travel for possible daily treatment and further complications that it would be better to scheduled future treatment methods in Hutchinson.
An initial chemotherapy session (Phase III) was scheduled to occur in Hutchinson on August 20.  During the course of that session I had a seizure (attributed to and later confirmed by a full-brain scan to be caused by tumor masses in the right-rear and left-front of my brain) which required hospitalization and caused approximately 95% loss of mobility in my left-side.
Just completed radiation session 7 of 10 on Friday to address that particular problem.  Chemotherapy was initiated on August 27 in the attempt to further address tumor metastases which has since spread to my right lung and within the liver.
Further tests have been scheduled to occur during the next two weeks to measure the effects of current treatment, which includes acupuncture.  I am in no great pain at this time and progressing as well as can be expected.  Will keep you up-to-date on a more timely basis as significant events occur.


August 16, 2002

I had a conversation with George yesterday evening.  He wanted me to apologize to you all for not communicating sooner.  With his permission I am reporting he is in phase 2 which means it has been determined further intervention will be necessary.  The Mayo evaluation results are being sent to his Topeka Oncologist.  Further treatment which hasn't been defined will be done in Topeka.  George said when he is in phase 3 he will communicate the plan.  Continue your wonderful support.  It is very much appreciated!  Cards, emails and prayer should be the order of the day.  He finally got past the predictable side affects and played 9 holes of golf.  He said he does not tolerate the heat at all. 



July 30, 2002

I talked with George and I am pleased to report that he is doing better.  The predictable side affects symptoms have diminished.  He has been able to eat for about the last week and his weight has stabilized.  He no longer seems to need the pain meds.  The fatique persists especially in the heat.  He returns to Mayo next weekend for the follow up studies and visits with the doctors.  Of course, hoping their efforts were successful.  He will give us an update when he returns. 



July 2, 2002

George had his last radiation treatment Friday afternoon.  He and DeAnne arrived at our house Saturday at 2:30 PM.  Some visiting and George took a nap before a few friends dropped in.  They were on their way home a little after 7PM.   

He will return to Mayo Clinic August 5th for more scans and Doctor visits.  They will be evaluating the results of their treatment and determining if more things need to be done.
He really appreciates your prayers, calls, emails, faxes and cards.  Keep them coming.  Your good wishes and support are like a tonic!     



June 25, 2002                                    Pictures from the visit

Saturday Dwayne and I took DeAnne to Rochester, MN to be with George.  George is doing pretty good.  Having some of the predictable side affects from the radiation treatments and chemo which are fatique (reluctant to admit to), difficulty swallowing (had to settle for cream pies and cheesecake when we ate out).  He just keeps on keeping on.  Tom and Nancy joined us Sunday afternoon.  We watched him participate in a putting contest at the Municipal Golf Course.
He spoke often of the the messages he had been receiving from all of you.  Very therapeutic!  Keep sending your emails, faxes and give him a call.  It means a great deal to him.  They are hoping to depart from Rochester on Saturday.  That will be finalized on Thursday when he visits with the Radiation Oncologist.  I will send an update when I have the word from George.



June 11, 2002

Hi Guys:  

Eight sessions of radiation and one session of chemo completed. Feeling great, no side-effects at this time.  Schedule remains the same: (two radiation sessions per day, Monday thru Friday, chemotherapy (Adriamycin) on 6/12 and 6/18.  The last day of treatment is 6/28.  Thank you so much Karol for calling DeAnne.  You cannot believe the calming effect hearing from you, Helen, Carolyn Thomas, Carol Nickles, reading the e-mails and cards has on DeAnne (and me too!!!).  Tom and Nancy came to visit yesterday.  We had great conversation, good food, and some margaritas  at the Outback.   

What a great group of friends you ALL are.  Have everything needed to be comfortable (except for my sweetie in Hutchinson) and visit the grocery store frequently for anything I may need (ha).  Am participating in a Mayo Patient Quality-of-Life Study to provide weekly input and feedback that will hopefully be of value to patients with Advanced Stage Cancer. Again, I am feeling great, continue to have a most positive attitude and look forward to completion of my scheduled treatments and go home.  

That's all for now.  

 Love ya,  George


June 6, 2002

Just talked to George and our network is working!  He is getting emails, faxes, calls and notes.  Keep it up!  It helps a great deal to know how much everyone cares.  As this process progresses the support is very important.  Drop a note to DeAnne as well.  It is difficult for her to stay at home at this time, however necessary.  She will join him eventually.  Tom and Nancy will spend Sunday afternoon with him.
Yesterday was the beginning of the radiation treatments.  They do that twice a day weekdays.  He gets Saturday and Sundays off to rest.  Chemo is on Wednesdays between the radiation.  Per his calendar he finishes this marathon of treatment June 28th.


June 1, 2002

George left Mayo Friday after a week of tests and physician visits.  Internal Medicine, Oncologist, Radiologist.  On his way home to Hutchinson he stopped at our house from 10PM to 11PM(couldn't talk him into spending the night)  He will be returning to Mayo on Tuesday.  The diagnosis is anaplastic thyroid cancer.  It is aggressive so the treatment is aggressive.  He will be receiving radiation treatments twice a day times 18 days.  He wasn't certain where the chemo fits in. 
He will be staying at the:      Hampton Inn
                                            1755 S. Broadway
                                            Rochester, Minnesota 55902
                                            Phone: 507-287-9050
                                            Fax: 507-287-9139
The Hampton also has a shuttle service that will take him to the hospital for his treatments.
The Hampton has computers available to their guests and he was able to access his internet provider from their computer so you can communicate via email.
He was very appreciative of all the communications he had received.  So keep the prayers, calls and messages going.  Tom and Nancy visited one evening and that was very special.

George's home address:

George Thomas
17 Saratoga Road
Hutchinson, Kansas 67501

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