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9/1/09    Schoolmate is the Wagon Master

3/20/09  How 'bout Dave McClelland LHS '54

10/12/07 Schoolmate displays her art

9/26/07   Schoolmate Follows his boyhood dream

8/15/07   He could fix anything

7/12/07   Schoolmate keeps on golfing 

6/1/07     Schoolmate displays her art

2/7/2007  Did you know WWII POW's were housed near Liberty?

8/13/05    Schoolmate Displays some new art and plays music

12/19/04  A Local Celebrity

11/23/04 Schoolmate Displays Her Art

Mrs Elsa Cokely passed away October 8, 2003 details

Check out this story from the K.C. Star  details

From a coffee shop in Singapore



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